Episode 25: "Biophilia", "The Thing" & "Film School 101: Shadow & Seamus – Out of the Past (1947)"

This week Adam & Simon explore the iPad inspired landscapes of Björk’s eighth studio album “Biophilia”, we check out the latest mutation of The Thing from Another World in the prequel to the John Carpenter film of the same name “The Thing” and we continue our Film School 101 segment that is exploring Film Noir with our second episode entitled “Shadow & Seamus” where we look at Jacques Tourneur’s 1947 film “Out of the Past”. Enjoy!

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One response to “Episode 25: "Biophilia", "The Thing" & "Film School 101: Shadow & Seamus – Out of the Past (1947)"

  1. … I heard your Podcast of 'The Thing' … I wanted to hear your thoughts … I though Adam was way too harsh … it certainly wasn't better than the original John Carpenter version, but let's face it … it was never going to be.I loved the creature … I would have loved it if they did the same creature in old school stop-motion, which would have tied it better with the original, but at least the CG was high class for the most part. I also could have done with more transformations and more gore. I wanted more … I think that was my major issue with films these days, things are restricted due to budget or censorship, although I did love when that female transformed into the creature … probably the highlight for me.I liked the eighties Universal logo and the opening and closing titles which matched the original. It's pretty obvious that they were trying to make a good film … they didn't just want a cash in … and for that I give them some credit … it could have been much worse … but it also could have been better …

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