Episode 52: “The Five-Year Engagement”, “Neck of the Woods” & Top 5 Romantic Comedies

This week Adam & Simon scrimp and save for that perfect dress as we discuss new comedy from Nicholas Stoller starring Jason Segel and Emily Blunt “The Five-Year Engagement”, we remodel our guitars in preparation for new album from indie rockers Silversun Pickups entitled “Neck of the Woods” and we laugh, we cry, we give you our Top 5 Romantic Comedies. Enjoy!

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3 responses to “Episode 52: “The Five-Year Engagement”, “Neck of the Woods” & Top 5 Romantic Comedies

  1. Howdy, boys. Thanks again for a fine show. I have several things to say:
    Teenage Fanclub – Bandwagonesque. I love that album, and in fact listened to it today at work (on casette!). If you bought your copy from the JB on Epping High St, then there’s a good chance that it is the same copy that I ordered in many moons ago!

    Silversun Pickups – Meh.

    Hulk 6%? Was I the only one that voted for him? Also, speaking of the Avengers, anyone know what’s happened to Edgar Wright’s Ant Man film?

    Romantic Comedies:
    Man, Harold and Maude. Simon, I can never thank you enough for introducing me to that film.
    The Princess Bride – Have either of you read the book? It is fantastic. Do it. Seriously.
    Michel Gondry – I loved Eternal Sunshine more than Science Of Sleep, but I did enjoy both. (I also seem to be one of the few who enjoyed Be Kind, Rewind).
    I have not seen any Apatow films – I can’t bring myself to do it. Nothing about them appeals to me.

    In regards to your honourable mention of There’s Something About Mary, did you realise that the “singing narrator” of that film was Jonathan Richman of Modern Lovers fame?!

    That’ll do for now. See you next week!

  2. I’ve been catching up with the podcast and even though this is super old I felt inclined to make a list cause it’s a genre I really enjoy.

    As much as I adore It Happened One Night, City Lights surely has to be the greatest romantic comedy of all. Moreso than any other Chaplin film the romantic pursuit is the primary driver of the storyline, so it’s as much a romantic film as it is a straight-up silent comedy, and it’s massively successful on both fronts.

    Apart from that I pretty much agree with Adam’s top three, except I don’t think Punch-Drunk Love is enough of a comedy to quality. It’s a funny film, but I wouldn’t describe it as a “romantic comedy” first and foremost, you know? Brilliant film, though.

    I would also add Notting Hill and The Shop Around the Corner, and Annie Hall would be somewhere in the top ten.

    So I think my list would be:

    1. City Lights
    2. It Happened One Night
    3. The Shop Around the Corner
    4. The Princess Bride
    5. Notting Hill
    (6. Groundhog Day)

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