Episode 58: “The Amazing Spider-Man”, “Swing Lo Magellan” & Catch Up 2012 Edition: “Arrietty”

This week Adam & Simon do some serious swinging in both the film and music departments (probably the best unintentional tie in yet) whilst we discuss new reboot of the Spider-man franchise directed by Marc Webb “The Amazing Spider-Man” and also new album from experimental indie rockers Dirty Projectors entitled “Swing Lo Magellan”. Meanwhile we also catch up with Studio Ghibli film released earlier in the year “Arrietty”. Enjoy!

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One response to “Episode 58: “The Amazing Spider-Man”, “Swing Lo Magellan” & Catch Up 2012 Edition: “Arrietty”

  1. I didn’t like Arrietty that much. I kept waiting for something to happen, but nothing did. Maybe it’s to do with expectations – I watched a BBC adaptation of The Borrowers (staring Christopher Eccelston and Stephen Fry) shortly before watching Arrietty, and it was fun and funny. The Gibli version felt a bit flat to me. Maybe it was the English language version that sucked the life out of it.

    Also, in relation to the Spiderman film, I don’t have any issues with reboots with comic book movies – comic books reboot characters all the time (that’s why Spidey’s not in his 50s). But not having seen the film, I can’t comment on it specifically. But I was talking to someone whose friend had been to see it in the cinema 8 TIMES already. And was planning more viewings.

    Oh and Adam, have you played Psychonauts yet? I finished it recently, and while the controls can be a touch annoying, everything else about the game is amazing!

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