Episode 60: The 61st Melbourne International Film Festival Special

After a three week break, The Last Picture Show Podcast hath finally returned. Unfortunately Adam could not be on the show this week, however after many (many) hours of serious research (watching films at the Melbourne International Film Festival), Simon will be joined by past guest and friend of the show Bradley J. Dixon to discuss the 61st Melbourne International Film Festival. Along with some general discussion we will be giving our Top 10 picks of the festival each so ya’ll know what to watch in the coming months (for the most part…). Enjoy!

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One response to “Episode 60: The 61st Melbourne International Film Festival Special

  1. Hi!
    After your hiatus, I was glad to listen to the latest podcast. I don’t live in Melbourne and haven’t had the chance to watch even 5% of the films you discussed but I wanted to add my two-cents regarding Moonrise Kingdom (which is the only one I have seen).
    I wholeheartedly agree with Simon on this one. Wes Anderson is one of my favorite director but his latest film was a bit disappointing. His scrupulous attention to details is fascinating and a feast for the eyes but I found the story too corny and flat to be engaging.
    The two main characters failed to give me anything other than a vague impression of cuteness. Character development is one of the things I really appreciate in Anderson’s films so, in a sense, I consider this one as his worst.

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